GGCL® Sintered Stone

GGCL® Slab is a sintered stone a revolutionary and highly versatile, strong, high-performance, and easy install product, perfect for any indoor or outdoor home application. from kitchen or bathroom countertops to floors, walls, furniture or facades.

GGCL® Slab sintered stone is a natural material like stone, marble, or wood but with all the characteristics of a porcelain panel expertly engineered with high-performance properties to provide exceptionally strong and stable surfaces.

An innovative manmade material that can be used across an array of interior applications—from flooring and wall surfaces to countertops and cabinetry

GGCL® Sintered stone Available In 


900X1800X9 MM (35.4x70.8 inch)

1000X2000X9 MM (39.4x78.8 inch)

1200X1200X9 MM (47.2x47.2 inch)

800X2400X15 MM (31.5x94.5 inch)

1200X2400X9 MM (47.2x94.5 inch)

800X3000X15 MM (31.5x118.1 inch)

1600X3200X9 MM (63x126 inch)

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